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Video Search Engine

We help advertising filmmakers find perfect video references for their pitch decks called treatments and win new projects.


To win a new project, a filmmaker has to create a new business presentation called treatment with a lot of visual references (video segments and screenshots from other commercials).

It takes about 3 full working days. And victory is not guaranteed. That's why filmmakers who love to shoot videos but not make presentations hire visual researchers - trained professionals who cost around 1,000$ per project. 

We want this process to be shortened and made cheaper radically: from days to minutes, from thousands to dozens of dollars.


We've created

a personal AI visual researcher with a database of fresh commercials from portfolios of famous international productions.

 It is a specialized search engine powered by AI.


It understands natural language and is able to find matches for simple inquires like "smiling man in a chair", but for a difficult ones, like "Inspired by No Country for Old Men".


We help to find and download ready-made video segments for insertion into the director's treatment.

Using our internal player, users can download with one click:

- a screenshot as a PNG file;
- a chosen video segment of a commercial as GIF or as MP4.


Our competitors can only search for screenshots, but can search for short video segments, making us one of a kind. 


Each year, 130 million commercials appear on air in the US only.

At least 3 filmmakers compete in every pitch for a new commercial production, each creating a treatment.

That's why the number of treatments per year reaches 390 million.


It is currently a subscription-based service (39.99$ per month).


However, when we improve the search engine abilities of our AI and widen our database to 50,000 commercials, we'll switch to pay per treatment service. 

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